When Productivity Stalls

Not sure if any of you have ever suffered a productivity stall. I have just been through one and it was definitely not fun. Despite following through with all my productivity do’s, I found myself floating down a path I was certainly unfamiliar with, an inability to focus on one singular task, my mind was all over the place.

There are many things that could have contributed to this inability to focus, this stall in productivity. Recently I had a house guest which disrupted the flow of my morning routine, which has led me to believe that I need a routine that is more solid and flexible for the variety of variable that I might encounter. I also took a vacation and instead of taking the time for what it was and what it needed to be, I was determined to work as well, this split between family and work caused my productivity to suffer dramatically, which took me some time to recover.

Lack of routine and lack of planning, seems to have significantly stalled my productivity for the large portion of September and not only have I suffered but so has my business.

But the good news is that I have recovered my productivity. I could not go back to the system that had eventually failed me when variables were added, so I had to create new systems of productivity, a new planning system that takes into account the natural disruptions that life hands to us. I am overjoyed and confident that things will begin to climb to newer heights of productivity and as they do, so too will I get back to living the passionate life that calls to me each and every day.

xoxo, laportsia

21 Day Productivity Challenge: Days 11, 12, 13, 14

_DSC0110Today’s challenge will be four in one since I did not post the challenges the past three days, which I sincerely apologize.

The first challenge for today is to utilize block scheduling. Block scheduling is a great way to help you get more things done in a day. If a specific timeframe is set aside for a specific task then there is little to no possibility of that time being utilized for something else or interrupted by distractions.

I utilize block scheduling on a daily basis. Once I get up there are certain times with in my morning and my day which are specified for a specific task. My morning routine consists of blocked scheduling since I must balance running my own businesses and working a 9-5, plus ensuring that I get a workout in sometime during the day, and maintaining an organized household. Blocked scheduling saves me from distraction, especially so early in the morning, and helps me get many things on my tasks list done.

The second challenge for today is to schedule in breaks, especially if you are utilizing the 90-minute working sessions. Scheduling time to take a break ensures that you will not get burned out or overwhelmed with the things that you have to do each day. Scheduling in breaks also, decreases, if not eliminates distractions during the time that you should be working.

I utilize scheduled breaks specifically to prevent distractions during my working sessions. Without these scheduled breaks, I have found that I do indeed find ways to be distracted as well as I start to feel burned out. Working non-stop despite what it seems, actually makes a person less productive. I lose my focus if I continually work without taking that needed break. My scheduled breaks whatever they be rejuvenate my whole being and refocuses me on the tasks at hand or that are to come.

The third challenge for today is to maximize your task list. What do I mean by maximizing it? Getting the fullest usage out of your task list to get done the things that you need to complete each month, week, and day.

I maximize my task list by first doing a brain dump, I take a piece of paper and write down everything that I can think of that needs to be done. I usually do a brain dump at the beginning of each month and then at the beginning of each week. I have heard that some people even do a brain dump daily, which if it works for them super. Once I have dumped out all the tasks that I need to or think I need to complete. I think scour through them and decide what needs to be complete this month, this week. I also go through the list and weed out the tasks that I can delegate and those tasks that seem important but are really outside of my zone of genius. This helps me par down to the three to five tasks from my brain dump that I need to complete on a daily basis. It works wonders for me.

The fourth challenge for today is to eliminate distractions. Eliminating distractions can be difficult if you do not realize what is distracting you in the first place. The first place to begin in eliminating distractions is to figure out what are your distractions. A distraction is anything that takes you away from your goals and out of your zone of genius.

In order to eliminate my distractions, I had to take an inventory of what I did on a daily basis. I started with what I was doing from the moment I work up to when I went to bed and I saw in a day all the things that were not helping me get things done, but I did not know exactly how to eliminate these distractions until I started blocking time, utilizing the 90-minute work sessions, and scheduling breaks. Once I started utilizing these tools, I saw a significant drop in my distractions, no longer did binge watching a series on TV appeal to me because it was not helping me move forward in improving my productivity or get things done.

Try out these four challenges over the course of the rest of the challenge and see how your productivity sky rockets. Leave me a comment and let me know all the challenges which have been most beneficial to you or if you have some productivity tools that you use and would like to share I would love to read them.

See you tomorrow with the next challenge.

xoxo, laportsia