A Return to Passion

What happens when we struggle with the passions that first lifted us off the ground? Do we hang up the dream of fulfilling those passions or do we try to change the path with which we walk towards those passions. For the past few months, I’ve struggled with continuing down the path towards my passions or giving them up for something different, something more practical. And I must admit, for quite some time the practical captured me and led me down a path I thought was more for me. But that path, did nothing but lead me astray. During that time, I accomplished absolutely nothing, I was not challenged nor fraught with a desire to grow; I simply sat stagnant and refused to move towards anything. Yet, life is such a gift, for life gave me the wake up call that I needed in order to push past the mundane, the zone of comfort that I had saddled myself immovable. I woke with a jolt so powerful, I immediately began the preparations for creating a life changing event. I knew in that moment that I could no longer afford to sit by and allow my passions to grow dusty till death eventually marched by and took a tight hold of them. In that jolt, I remembered that not only do I have living to do, but that there is living that I must give to others. I remembered that there is world that is in dire need of what I have to give, which might not be much, but something is always better than nothing. I lifted the veil of indifference and made the decision that it was time to rewrite the headers of my life. No longer would I bend to the will of others and take a back seat in life. My time was now, is now. And peddling forward was going to require a courage I thought was lost.

In the clarity of today’s new outlook, I can see for miles and for once in a very long time, the passions of my past have all lined up to greet me and welcome me back. And just like that I find myself back in the precipice of this passionate life determined more than ever to see that the life that I intend for myself becomes the reality I dream about.

xoxo, laportsia

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