My Do’s and Don’ts For Living a Passionate Life

Living a passionate life is not difficult at all, it simply takes planning and forethought to make living this type of life possible. I live by a set of, I don’t want to say rules, but rather do’s and don’ts that help me navigate life and live the way that I want. These do’s and don’ts just scratch the surface on living a passionate life, there are certainly a lot more. These specific do’s and don’ts helped get me started living a well-intentioned, passionate life. Try a few and see how things change for you.

  1. Do what you love every day. Period. The End.
  2. Don’t stress over things you cannot control or that are outside your zone of genius.
  3. Do have a purpose. Without a purpose, you sort of just float through life, directionless. You need a compass, which is your purpose, to continually keep you on the right path. You will need this compass if you somehow find yourself off your path, your purpose can show you back to the reason for everything.
  4. Don’t hold onto negative thoughts. If one happens by you, acknowledge its presence very briefly and dismiss it just as quick.
  5. Do know that you are enough. You cannot be any more than you already are. Remember this and that you are beautiful inside and out each and every day.
  6. Don’t clutter your space or mind with things that do not bring you to your why, your purpose.
  7. Do be thankful every day and keep a gratitude journal.
  8. Don’t be afraid to say no. If your first instinct is to always say yes when asked for something or to do something, you must know and not be afraid to say no, especially if it does not fall within your purpose.
  9. Do serve others. This is a no brainer, happiness duly comes when we help others, whether it is something very small or very big. We have an obligation in this life to pay it forward.
  10. Don’t surround yourself with negative people. Limit yourself to such people’s company. When trying to live your passionate life, it is important to remember that you are the sum of who you spend the most time with. If you are constantly surrounded by the negative or doubters then your life will manifest those things.
  11. Do wake up early. That quiet before the day begins is so magical. It centers and focuses you on what you have to accomplish for the day and helps you be much more productive in getting things done.
  12. Don’t spend too much time on social media. Unless this is your business, 15-20 minutes a day is plenty to post and capture all the relevant information you might need each day. Use those 15-20 minutes wisely. If the content does not fall within your purpose or your zone of genius, scroll past it.
  13. Do budget your finances. You won’t believe the stress money has on a person each day. But if you take the time each week or each month to budget out your income and expenses, you will find a peace and a financial freedom that lets you live a passionate life.
  14. Don’t let fear prevent you from doing what you love or from making a living doing it. You must move past the fear; the fear will still be there for sure but finding the courage to do the thing anyway makes you feel braver and more confident than you can imagine.

15.  Do make your bed every morning. Let it be the first task you tackle and accomplish         each day. By accomplishing this task right off the back each morning, you signal to your brain that any and all things are accomplishable. It is the gateway to more productivity, and a sense of accomplishment. Let it be your starting point to that passionate life.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment and let me know what Dos and Don’ts you have that help you in your passionate life journey.

Until next time,

xoxo, laportsia

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