When Productivity Stalls

Not sure if any of you have ever suffered a productivity stall. I have just been through one and it was definitely not fun. Despite following through with all my productivity do’s, I found myself floating down a path I was certainly unfamiliar with, an inability to focus on one singular task, my mind was all over the place.

There are many things that could have contributed to this inability to focus, this stall in productivity. Recently I had a house guest which disrupted the flow of my morning routine, which has led me to believe that I need a routine that is more solid and flexible for the variety of variable that I might encounter. I also took a vacation and instead of taking the time for what it was and what it needed to be, I was determined to work as well, this split between family and work caused my productivity to suffer dramatically, which took me some time to recover.

Lack of routine and lack of planning, seems to have significantly stalled my productivity for the large portion of September and not only have I suffered but so has my business.

But the good news is that I have recovered my productivity. I could not go back to the system that had eventually failed me when variables were added, so I had to create new systems of productivity, a new planning system that takes into account the natural disruptions that life hands to us. I am overjoyed and confident that things will begin to climb to newer heights of productivity and as they do, so too will I get back to living the passionate life that calls to me each and every day.

xoxo, laportsia

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