Passionate Living at 42

This week is my birthday week and I have no idea how I will celebrate it. I didn’t think about, just didn’t realize that it was coming. I’ve been so head down in work and my business that it didn’t occur to me that I should be celebrating. Not that 42 is some big accomplishment for most people but for me it is the greatest gift I could have received, as is every birthday that I celebrate. But I feel as if this particular birthday in this particular year is a bit more special. It is the realization of where my life is now, remembering where I’ve been, and the anticipation of where this life is taking me. I realize that it is our obligation, our duty to live a life well-lived; a life with passion and purpose and if we do not know what that passion or purpose is, we also have the responsibility to search it out. For so many birthdays I lived life on the edge of spontaneity, nothing was concrete, nothing certain. I lived in an unknown void. But luckily I grew out of that void and discovered the passion and purpose that has brought me to today, to this particular birthday, where everything I am, everything I’ve built up until now is something very special. I celebrate my successes in my business, why can I not celebrate the life that is me. So, what will I do this birthday? Well, I’ve decided, whatever I want to do as long as it’s a celebration!

xoxo, laportsia

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