My Passionate Life

This is me…

…and this is my passionate life.

What does it mean to have a passionate life, to live the life of your dreams? What it means is peace of mind. It means a contentment you cannot find anywhere else except from where it radiates from deep inside of you. Does it mean the perfect day or the perfect job? Not necessarily, because even the most successful people in the world have a bad day every one in a while. It is what you decide to do with that day that makes all the difference in whether you are living passionately or not. I've learned it is all about the mindset; what you choose to think about your life from day to day. When I first started Pend Publishing I had nothing but doubts, but I knew it was the path that I wanted to walk down and I had to make that passion my purpose if I wanted to live the remarkable life I had always dreamed of. So I launched it, before anything was concrete, I had a name and a website, the only thing I didn't have were clients. So I knew I needed to hustle, where do I find these clients, are they on Facebook, on Twitter, Instagram? I did ads and marketed the business the best I could, but I was flopping still. Then I reached out to a marketing company to help me market this flailing business and came to realize that I had no clue who my ideal client was. Who were they, who was the man or woman who would need my services. And I literally had no clue. So I took a step back, reexamined the business I was trying to build, and began building instead the perfect client. Who were they, were they smart? Were they ambitious? Where did they live? What were their hobbies? Etc. And only after that did my business begin to make sense to me again. Then did the hustle feel right. And the passion returned, my purpose became clear and I started living the life I knew I was capable of living. This is me, living a passionate life.

Next time: New Adventures, New Business


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