7 Actionable Items to Help You Achieve Your Goals


Goal setting is key to living the life that you have always dreamed about. Whether you are 17 or 57, if you are not practicing this actionable items below, it will be highly difficult to achieve your goals. Starting with the very basic items, just imagine how far you can go.

1. Decide what you want
How do you decide what it is that you want? First, dig deep and inventory all of your greatest desires. What if money and education were not obstacles, what would you would want to achieve? Deciding what you want is the birthplace of goal achieving and living a remarkable and well-lived life.

2. Write down your goals
Once you have decided what you want, write those goals and desires down. Writing goals down etches them into your brain and starts your brain on the path of trying to figure out how to achieve them. The steps and process will come much simpler if you can see your goals in the flesh.

3. Be realistic in your goal setting
Be weary of setting unreasonable or unrealistic goals, if the goal is unreasonable or unrealistic, it will be harder to see the end result. The brain will not be able to process the actionable steps needed to walk towards the goal. The path to achievement will be fraught with obstacles so big that you will not only fail to complete the goal but will give up on the goal out of sheer frustration and anguish.

4. Make goals clear and concise
When making your goals it is very important to ensure that they are not vague or the execution of those goals will be harder to achieve. Clear and concise goals are one of the cornerstones in the process of taking actionable steps towards the achievement of your goals.

5. Set reasonable deadlines
When you set a goal, you must also give that goal a deadline or the process may not become actionable because there is no end date in sight and nothing concrete to strive towards.

6. Eliminate self-doubt
Being confident in your goals and in their eventual achievement can only come if you eliminate self-doubt. Self-doubt brings unnecessary obstacles and frustrations to the achievement of your goals.

7. Be self-disciplined
The achievement of goals require a strong skill in self-discipline. If you have no self-discipline, it will be impossible to accomplish the steps needed to achieve the goal. Self-discipline is a skill that is given strength through consistent practice and sacrifice. It is a matter of saying no to things that do not propel you further towards achieving your goals and doing the things that you need to do to accomplish your goals even when you do not feel like doing them.

These 7 items are far from the end of the inexhaustible list of items and steps you will need to achieve your goals, but they are a start. Start here and you will be on the right path to a well-lived life.

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